Prof Jutta Weldes

Jutta Weldes is Professor of International Relations at the University of Bristol. Her main research interests are theorising everyday insecurity and everyday security practices/practitioners, critical International Relations theories, U.S. foreign policy (cold war and after), the intersections of popular culture and world politics, gender and world politics, and the transnationalisation of the state. She is CI (PI: Eric Herring) on an ESRC-funded project entitled ‘Transforming Insecurity through Non-violent Grassroots Networks, which is studying how nonviolent networks work, expand, and can ‘scale up’ by examining three existing networks – neighbourhood watch to prevent suicide bomb attacks in Somalia; projects to record every casualty of armed conflict; and global projects to stop street harassment. Her most recent publication is ‘The Evolution of International Security Studies and the Everyday: Suggestions from the Buffyverse,’ with Christina Rowley, in Security Dialogue (2012). She is the author of She is the author of Constructing National Interests: The United States and the Cuban Missile Crisis (University of Minnesota Press, 1999), co-editor of Cultures of Insecurity: States, Communities, and the Production of Danger (University of Minnesota Press, 1999), and editor of To Seek Out New Worlds: Science Fiction and World Politics (Palgrave: 2003).