The Plenary Address was delivered by Prof Mark Duffield.


Becoming Remote: Exploring the Digital Development-Security Nexus
As aid workers retreat into gated-complexes, new international no-go areas are opening and spreading across the global-South. Increasing remoteness from the world, however, is being compensated and surpassed by the digital recoupment of distance. At a time of inhibition and defensiveness on the ground, the atmosphere, or at least, the electronic atmosphere, is emerging as the last strategic global medium where one-sided, even piratical, political action is still possible. During the 1990s, the claim that you cannot have security without development nor development without security became a political cliché.  At the time, this ruinous assertion gave encouragement to the terrestrial relations and forces responsible for the foreign policy disasters of Afghanistan and Iraq. Emerging unscathed from the rubble, the presentation outlines the irrepressible urge of the development-security nexus to stage a rematch, this time from the airwaves.